Five for Friday


1. I have started some back to school its and magnetic tape (loving this!)

2. My new classroom theme...bugs!

3. I found these at Lakeshore and had to buy them! Ethan loved taking them apart and rebuilding! 

4. We went to our last concert of the summer season. DMB! And we saw a friend of ours that we ran with! 

5. I ordered the Smart Tiles for the backsplash for our kitchen. I am super excited to get them in on Tuesday! Here is the one we are getting. I cannot wait to put it up! 

Smart Tiles 9.85 in x 9.85 in Adhesive Decorative Wall Tile Backsplash Idaho in Grey, Green, Beige and Rust (6-Piece)

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I've started classroom shopping, too! I've got crayons, spiral notebooks, stickers, colorful erasers, and some new books! Those toys from Lakeshore were a great find.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Already started classroom shopping too! Trying to save some money before the back to school sales start...then I get in trouble! LOL Those dinosaur toys are too cute! I agree, they are a great find!
    Little Gingergarten

  3. I hope you update us on the Smart Tiles once you have them installed and let us know if you really like them.


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