Literacy/ Academic Center What Do We Do?

I had someone ask what I do at my literacy/ academic center and thought I would share with you what has worked for me. 
Each day of the week I have something that we work on. 
Mondays- vocabulary. 
All of my students have language goals so this is something we do weekly. 
With the AM class we usually do flip it, say it, stamp it
At this point I have made these for each theme we do. This is great for my students that have limited language skills because they can attempt to repeat the word or the beginning sound. For my students that are nonverbal this is great because they are able to become more exposed to a variety of words.  
With the pm class I use emergent readers. Usually just simple ones that are I see, I like, etc. This is great to work on saying simple sentences. 
Tuesdays- Math
I usually do a matching game, roll the dice game, counting, colors, or shapes. I try to use games that can be easily differentiated. 
Wednesdays- Letter of the Week
This year I will be using items from my ABC Mega Pack to complete with the kids. The am will be completing the I can read letter words and bingo stamping the letters. The pm class will be stamping upper vs. lower case letters, doing letter sorts, and working on writing the letter. 
You can find the packet here and all of the items are available separately too. I have a post about that here. 
Thursdays- Themed activity abc or number activity
All of these games I have gotten as freebies from other blogs or use the games and activities from the packets I have created. 
Friday- Game Day and/ or Smartboard

I try to play games like Candy Land or do sorting or do smartboard activities that go with our theme. This is great for building turn taking skills and learning to wait. 
I was asked if I use a lot of worksheets and when I first started I did use a lot more of that. At the charter school I was at that was what we were expected to do and we were monitored closely. However, when I got into ECSE things changed a lot! I got to pick and choose what I wanted to do and was not monitored to make sure I was certain page number. 
So I am moving away from worksheets and they weren't working anyway. They were not engaging the students,  not meeting IEP goals, and the students were not able to do them independently. 
I try to do a lot more hands on activities (some with recording sheets) and games. This keeps the kids engaged, learning more, and decreases behavior problems because it's fun! 
I am going to also share what we do at our fine motor center and what I do with early finishers soon too. :) 

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