Sensory Bin

This past year when our ASD consultant was visiting she was watching my kiddos in the sensory bin and there was some arguing going on. My one student with ASD was also VERY possessive of everything in the bin so she suggested having cards instructing the students with what they should look for and collect. She said giving them a purpose and more specific instructions will decrease the arguing. So here are a few of the cards I made.

I also made some generic color ones that can be put in any bin and just focuses on colors. These are available here. 

The Halloween cards are part of my new Halloween Games pack available here. 
Do you give your students a purpose when using your sensory bin?


  1. Thank you for sharing your sensory bin cards! I downloaded the ABC set but I think the link for the color ones also goes back to the ABC ones. I sometimes give my kids a checklist on a half sheet of paper with pictures of things in the sensory tub and let them check off what they find.

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  2. The link is fixed. :) Thanks!


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