Show and Share Yoga Ball Activities

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Here are some fun yoga ball activities that work on core strengthening, hand-eye coordination, grasp and balance.  
What you will need: a yoga ball, small manipulative and some sort of container to put items in. Have students roll on the ball, pick up a manipulative and place in the cup. Once the child rolls out on the ball, have them roll back on it and do it again. 

For this activity students should open up their palms and have them right out in front of them. They push the ball with open palms back and forth. 

  This last one is really tricky. Sit on their bottom, hands behind them to help with balance and feet up. Roll the ball to the child and they push the ball back with their feet.

What yoga ball activities do you do with your little ones? Link up with Mrs. Jone's Creation Station for Show and Share. 

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  1. Love these activities and I know my kiddos will, too! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. did you see the new web site its not finnished yet but its gonna be number one soon, go see it and give me your advice


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