Tell Us About You Tuesday

I am linking up with Freebilicious to tell you little bit about myself. 

1. I have two kids, Ethan and Madi, whom I LOVE more than anything! They are my world!

2. I love to work out! Right now I have been doing a lot of working out at home. Lindsay Brin is my favorite. I love to run, bike, swim. I love to be on the go!

3. I went to school at LSSU in the Upper Peninsula of MI and ran cross country and track there. That is where I met my husband, Matt. The team still gets together sporadically and it is one big party! Love them!

4. I love me some Starbucks! 
5. I love creating, crafting, and decorating! My most recent diy was the kitchen backsplash. Love it!

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  1. That's so awesome that you still keep in touch with your team from school! I bet you share some amazing memories!! Your backsplash looks amazing, you did a really great job!!
    Thank you so much for sharing more about you!!

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