Work Box Wed. & Freebies!

I am linking up with the Autism Classroom News to share some new work box ideas. 

I had sorting cards from Target that I got a few years ago. I decided to make pockets for them and pictures to show what to sort. 

The students will label a number line. 

This shape matrix idea came from Erin at Creating and Teaching. I made this freebie for you here too. 

I had extra short borders downstairs and I added numbers and letters to them and the students can clip the matching letter or number. 

Target had these dividers and beads. Perfect for sorting!

Piggy Emotions Matching you can find here. I am going to use this with a cookie sheet and magnets. 


  1. Thanks for linking up Erin! Aren't those divided boxes from Target the best! They were such a find!!
    Autism Classroom Resources

  2. I love the dividers from target too!!!


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