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My classroom management plan has changed from year to year. I have done a stoplight chart, but that didn't work great. Then, I tried the charts where you move up or down, but again for the students that struggle with behavior as soon as they moved down (even though they could move back up). Last year I tried a point system to earn different items (but some of the kids didn't care about any of the items. 
Since starting ECSE six years ago the students have changed a lot! They are coming in with more challenging behaviors or they really do not know that what they are doing isn't appropriate (last year I had a student who hit all the time, but it was meant to be playful). 
So this year I am going to be kind of throwing away the charts and points and clips and going basic!
We are going to (and have been) use social stories, teach the students how to use breaks, and make sure that they know the schedule and what is coming up (visual schedules and first/ then schedule). We are going to model and show them what good choices look like and what sad choices look like. 
I am using Jackie from Pocket of Preschool for Green and Red Choices
I am also going to be using Calm Down Kit from Melissa at Autism Adventures
My kiddos need to learn how to cope with their emotions appropriately and this is going to help. 
Here is a picture of the first/ then dvd case we use. 

You can find a copy of the first/ then here.
Here is the visual schedule (the new one is on the left) and I will be attaching it together with rings so if something needs to be changed I can easily add it. Make sure to emphasize when something is done ("All done with table time, now it is time for circle time"). By the end of the year the kiddos are saying it if I miss something.  You can find a copy of the schedule pictures here. 
Well, we will see if this works better than all the charts and clips and points (I think it will) because the focus is totally on helping the students learning to identify their emotion and how to regulate it appropriately. 

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