Sequencing Adapted Book/ Work Box Task

I am really excited about these new Sequencing Adapted Books/ Work Box Tasks. My students struggle to predict what happens next. So I made these sequencing Adapted Books/ Work Box Tasks to practice. There are 4, 5, and 6 sequencing options. 
This is how I plan on using them this year. I plan on putting the sequencing four pictures in a work box task and see how the kids do. Then, once I have seen if it was something they really can or can't do. If they can't do it I will keep it as a task that we will work on at centers and if they can I will put the pages together as an adapted book for early finishers. I will do this for the 5 and 6 sequencing steps too. 

Being able to predict what happens next is a very important skill for our young students. It carries over to their own life and understanding that the actions that they make have consequences and works on their life skills understanding that this is how to do something for themselves. Also, make sure to check out the blog hop from yesterday for some fun giveaways and freebies! 
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