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I have been using this in my classroom for the last year, but I came up with a better storage system and have tweaked what I was previously using. 

I use to do strips during centers to show the students what needs to be done. It helps eliminate their anxiety about doing different activities and it also is great because it shows the students what is coming up (no more questions). 

All you need is a DVD case. I put pictures of different items that they need to do (say, spin, paint, etc.)

There are strips with 2-5 directions (Before I had one with four directions and some of the kids did not like seeing the red).  Before the children begin the activity I tell them exactly what they need to do. We look at each picture and say what they will be doing. When all of the group is done with the picture I make sure to emphasize "We are all done with writing our name. Now we are going to roll the dice". I remove the picture of name and the last two pictures remain. At the end it says stop and that means the kids are all done with the task. 

My kiddos love it and it shows my students what needs to be done before they can do a sensory activity or activity of their choice. It helps them work more efficiently and stops some of the questions you get about it. You can find the strips and visuals here. 

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