Social Stories

Social Stories are a great classroom management tool. They teach students what the correct behavior is and how to better control their emotions. Many of my students do not realize that some of the behaviors they are doing are unacceptable or "sad choices". These help students better understand why this is not a good choice. I am in the works of creating a social story bundle. The behaviors in the bundle currently are behaviors we are trying to correct with students in my classroom.

I Can Clean Up (3 options)
I Wait at the Door (3 options)
I Do Not Run Out of the Classroom (1 option)
I Do Not Bite
I Do Not Chase on the Playground
I Do Not Touch Shirts

There are one page social stories that are great to have in the area that the student(s) typically experience the behavior. When it occurs you can take this down read it with the student(s). 

There are small books that are great to read with the class even before the behavior occurs. At the beginning of the year, we read the clean up story so the students know what to expect when they hear the timer and how to appropriately handle clean up. 

When reading it talk about how and why they may feel this way. You are trying to teach the student(s) how to appropriately control their emotions (a very important life skill). 

I also have a chart showing the sad choice and the happy choice. After we read the one page social story I ask the student what choice they want to meet. Most times my students will say they want to make the happy choice. Sometimes they do choose the sad choice and when this happens then I have the student go take a break and will leave the clean up items he/ she was playing with out so when they are ready they will still complete the task. 

Try to keep the social stories accessible for easy use! 

You can find the bundle here. More social stories are being added and if there is a behavior that a child in your class is struggling with let me know and we can try to make a social story for it. 


  1. I just put the social story bundle on my wish list! Any chance you could add eyye contact when talking with friends or teachers?

    1. I definitely can! I will try to do that within the week. :)

  2. Thank you Kate!
    I love social stories with young students. As you said, most of the time a child display unwanted behaviors or makes sad choices it is simply because no one ever informed them of a better option. Social stories are a fun and engaging way to proactively teach children the expected behavior of our society.
    Thanks again!


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