Spotlight Saturday~ Catching Fireflies Adapted Books

Today I am going to be sharing my Catching Fireflies Adapted Books! I have a slight obsession with adapted books, but I love how you can  work on so many skills so easily and it is something the students can do independently and keeps them engaged!

Here is the same vs. different adapted book. My kiddos have a lot of trouble understanding this concept. 

Firefly Sizes...this compares big and small. 

This book is a little different and I kind of came up with the idea as I was assembling. Only the bottom flips and instead of using velcro (I am little velcroed out right now) I used magnets and attached magnets to the back of the fireflies and put the book on a cookie sheet. 

Ethan enjoyed counting out the fireflies and sorting the fireflies by color. 

There are two other books in the packet not pictured. 

Also, start filling up your cart!

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  1. I had never heard of these types of books before, thank you so much for sharing! Not only do the books address such important skills and concepts, but they are guaranteed to keep the kiddos engaged because they need to manipulate the pieces! I think these books are so great!!
    Thank you so much for sharing these books with us!! I am so glad to have gotten a chance to learn about them! I loved reading your Spotlight, i'm so very glad you linked up! I hope you have an amazing week!!

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