Five for Friday


I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. 
This past week we did activities related to fall and apples. 
1. This year I am using a little different placemat. This year the placemat is double sided. 
One side with visual prompts for the students to point to or model how to communicate more, all done, eat, etc. 

The other side is for my students who are verbal and no longer need the visual prompts. 

2.  We started the letter of the week with letter A. 

Here are some of our activities in action. They are from my ABC Mega Pack. You can find that here. All of the activities are also sold separately. 

A book and writing practice.  

Finding A and beginning sound A. 

3. We did some apple size sorting. You can find it here.  

I got these fun file folder shape games from Teaching Special Thinkers. 

Here is an AB apple patterning file folder. 

4. We raked up some ABC leaves. To help my students wait their turn I had them hold a wait card and once it was their turn they gave it to the child that just completed their turn. It helped A LOT! 

5. We made these apples from CDs and torn paper. You can have the kids have their finger be a worm eating through the apple. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the raking up ABC leaves activity! Adorable and practical...establish that work ethic early. :)

  2. Raking leaves! How cute! This is why I love teacher blogs. There are just so many great ideas out there!

    Made with Love

  3. I LOVE the idea of a wait card! I have one child in particular that would benefit from this during group games.


    1. It really helped them to wait patiently! I definitely recommend it!


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