Five for Friday


Here is what we were up to this week...

For the Halloween party this year we played with play-doh, made popcorn and filled a witch hand with it (and ate some too) and made small pumpkin bottles (we filled the 'pumpkins' with orange paper that we tore and then scrunched).

We tore and scrunched paper to fill the jack o lantern bag. Great for fine motor!

We read 10 Timid Ghosts and retold the story on the felt board. 

We tore paper and scrunched it into the bottles to make pumpkins. 

Our librarian has the kids decorate pumpkins in story book characters. This Pete the Cat was adorable! 

Have a Happy Halloween and relaxing weekend! 


  1. What a fun party!!! I love how you integrated the fine motor skills into the fun!

    Have a great Halloween!
    Blessings, McKenzie


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