Letter of the Week Activities

Many of my students know the letters of the alphabet but need to work on the sounds or understanding that the letters are in words and all around us. 

Each week I introduce a new letter to the kiddos. Here are the activities we do each week to review the letter.


Alphatales Book is read. The kids enjoy them and there is a fun song at the end. 

We watch ABC Mouse video:

Is the letter in your name pocket chart activity?

You can find this in my Mystery Bag pack. (There are lots of fun goodies in there and I have been adding regularly). 


Letter Bag and Letter Activities. This year I have been using the letter activities from my ABC Mega Pack.  We work on discriminating upper and lower case letters, identifying the letter, writing the letter, and the letter sound. 

We watch the Have Fun Teaching Letter Song. 

We also look at and repeat the pictures from the ABC Sounds Photo Cards from Lakeshore. 

For the pm we try to put the words into a sentence. 

is show and tell and the students bring in an item that begins with letter. This note has really helped to make sure that all my kiddos send something in. I put the show and tell on a monthly calendar too but some of the parents misplace it or forget so the note has helped to get more participation! 

You can grab this note freebie here. 

Do you do a letter of the week and if so what activities do you love to do?!

Have a great week!

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