Playground Visual Schedule

I have a few students that whenever we go out to the playground they just chase the other students or run around the playground. I get concerned about them running into the other kiddos because they are not aware of where they are going or hurting themselves because they have ran into the bench or playground equipment. So this past year we started using playground visual schedule. We took real pictures of the playground items for the students to use and gave each item a name (narrow slide, double slide, wide slide, steps on pole, etc.). You can either put the items on the strip for the child to complete or you can have the student put them up in the order they would like (we worked towards this). For some of the items we also added how many times you do it (spin the steering wheel 20x's). For my little ones that are on sensory overload outside this has helped A LOT! They are now playing on the playground and are interacting more with the students. They are also learning how to wait their turn and to be aware of the others around them (they have to wait to go down the slide because another friend is going down).

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