November Currently

This past October was pretty crazy at home and personally so I am hoping that November is a little less chaotic, but there is so much to do! We have report cards due this month and conferences this month too. We also host a Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving. My baby girl is  transitioning from the infant room to the toddler room this week. :(  It is bittersweet as I love the age she is at, but my baby is growing up too fast! So November is going to be a little crazy to say the least, but it should be fun! Now on to this month's currently with Farley. 

Listening to the Lions football...ugh!

Loving the fall weather we are having...sunny, breezy and mid-50s. 

Thinking about all the things I need to get done this month...I will be making a list ASAP!

Wanting/ Needing a person assistant or day to myself to get started on the many things to do.

Yummy- Dutch Apple Pie


  1. A personal assistant sounds awesome!! Enjoy your fall weather and good luck with getting everything done. It seems like our lists are never ending ;)

  2. Dutch Apple pie sounds DELICIOUS!!! It always seems that as soon as you cross off one item you add 3 more to your to-do list. Good Luck crossing it all off this month!!
    It’s Kinder Time

  3. I was so sad when my daughter's school started talking about moving her up to the Pre-K room in January. She started in the infant room and has been moving through every room as she grows. Makes me want to cry! Speaking of crying, I was listening to football today, and the Falcons made me want to cry. And did I mention that it's 71 degrees here in central Colorado??? What's that all about??? But, it's supposed to snow on Thursday. Enjoy your fall weather!

    Lori @ Live, Laugh, Love Second

    1. It is really hard to watch your little ones keep moving up! We had 70 degrees today and it was wonderful! Hopefully we don't get the snow!


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