Story Boards

We have been loving using the storyboards for story time. This has really helped my kiddos out keeping their attention and has been a quick and easy way to assess comprehension for verbal and nonverbal students. As you read the story students point to the different pictures (great for building vocabulary). Following the story you are able to have students retell the story. Ask the students questions and have them point to the answer. 
I have definitely noticed a big difference in my nonverbal students because they are able to communicate what they know to me and answer questions easily by just pointing to the pictures. They seem a lot more excited about reading the stories!
You can send the black and white version home to the parents to review with the child. I keep all of my story boards in clear protector sheets to be easily reused.  

You can check out the storyboards here. 
And for today only this packet is going to be 50% off! :)

Have a great Saturday! 

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