December Currently

Listening to the thoughts are with the people in California

Loving the Holiday Season. We have started elf on the shelf, are all decorated, and my shopping is just about done! It is a lot of fun this year because my kids are really into it all, which makes it way more fun!

Thinking about conferences tomorrow. I had them tonight and finish them up tomorrow afternoon and night. 

Needing some sleep! 

Real...we go to a tree farm and cut it down every year and then decorate it that day. Lots of fun!

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  1. Except for a few gift cards that I can get at the grocery store and some stocking stuffers, my shopping is done :) It is a great feeling! I also feel like I need sleep!

  2. I've barely started my shopping! I guess I should get going on that! Good luck on the rest of your conferences. I'm so glad mine are done! Enjoy the holiday!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  3. Conferences in December! Yikes!!!! Ready for Friday as well!!! Good luck wrapping up your conferences!!


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