I Can Statements in the Preschool Classroom

We have objectives that the students are supposed to meet and that they are supposed to know about. In the past I have put them up on the board and not really referred to them again.  So this year to make it more meaningful for my little ones I have started using I can statements with visuals. I currently am using tacky to keep the pictures up on the charts, but you could also use velcro. Before we start table time or circle time, etc. I say we are going to... and show them the pictures. It gives them a visual of what we are going to do but also helps me make sure I am meeting all of my objectives. It has been fun to see because some of my kiddos has started to point to the picture when they are doing it. For example at circle time if they are singing they will point to the picture of singing or if we are doing calendar they will point to the picture of the calendar. I am glad that they are starting to make the connection that this is what they are doing during different times of the day. 
You can grab this freebie here. 

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  1. We've used this in our room this year and absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing that and all of your ideas!


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