Something I have been using with my kids this year that they love are storyboards. It is great because it keeps them following along while the story is read. As I read the story the kids point to each picture as we read about it. I have also had the kids use them to answer questions about the story as a group. I will ask a question and they will point to the correct answer. Or if I am asking individual students questions they can point to the answer. This is great for my nonverbal students or students with limited expressive language. Again, it helps keep them engaged for all of the story time and allows all of my students to be actively participating.

Today only I am offering my Story Boards and comprehension packet 1/2 off. Grab it here.  and I have a sample here for you guys only! It is for the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
To grab the freebie click here. 

I am linking up with Christine over at the Autism Classroom News to share some of our task boxes. 

There are upper and lower case letters written on the legos and the kids need to match them up. 

number cards with a hole punch and kids count that many links. 

These last two were inspired by Gabrielle over at Teaching Special Thinkers. You can get these cubes from Michaels for $4. 

I did upper and lower case letter matching.  

I used a puffs container and wrote numbers 1-10 on the cubes. Students will have to put the numbers in order when they put them in. 

Do you have any work boxes to share? Link up if you do!

Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

I have finally had time to clean up my desktop and finish some of the files I have started, which means here are some fun freebies for you. :)

First, is this fun Jack Be Nimble Poem freebie. It works on names and counting and identifying numbers to 12. You can grab that here. I was hoping to do this with my little ones this week, but it looks like we will have to wait until tomorrow to try it out.

Here are some dino Valentine cards. I thought I had a picture, but can't seem to find it and they are at school now. I bought the Dinosaurs at Meijer (You can find similar ones at Target too). You can get these dino Valentine here. 

Here are some winter and Valentine cutting and tracing lines sheets too. 

Last, but not least...Show and tell this year has not been as effective as in the past. A lot of my parents have been forgetting about it and the few kids that have brought it in have limited language and I am having a hard time understanding what they are communicating about it. So to solve that problem I have made this little show and tell note. After only doing this one week I had way better participation in show and tell! You can get this new note here. 

Happy Tuesday and don't forget about the Special Ed. Blog Hop going on! Lots of fun freebies, giveaways, and tips for the whole month of Feb. Link at the top. 

Well, we got our snow day! We got about 16 inches of snow. It was pretty crazy.

So I decided to work on my dramatic play boxes. This has been in the works for awhile now and I am still trying to figure out how to make it meaningful for my little ones. So I came up with this short and sweet bakery printables that you may find useful and can find here.

I used old frosting containers for flour and sugar. I used old film canisters for salt and pepper shakers.

Students can request items with this prompt and they pick out what and how many they want and put it in the ten frame.

Then, the baker can put the items from their on to the receipt, total them up and write the amount at the bottom. 

I can't wait to try this out with my kiddos this week! 

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