This past year I started doing table time with my class. In the past I would have them come in, get their mail, put their belongings in their locker and then begin circle time. However, in the past couple of years our kiddo have been coming in with more and more challenging behaviors and we have been faced with trying to figure out how to reduce these a much as possible. One of the things we have started implementing is table time. It has made a big difference in my student's behavior overall. During this time we are able to meet their sensory needs, learn how to share, practice conversational language, reinforce academic skills, practice fine motor skills, learn how to use new toys, and just ease our way into the school day. So if you are not doing a table time, I do recommend it. We have noticed a difference in our students. Initially we did have some more behavior problems because when the time was up certain students would get upset because they did not get to keep "playing" but we used visual timers, and a picture showing the students if we clean up table time and come to circle we are making a happy choice, which ultimately most of my students want to make. 

Here are some pictures of activities we have done during table time. 


Clip activities, magnet activities, letter and number activities.

Sensory activities. Here is shaving cream, but we have also used rice, sand, shredded paper, and beans. 

Do you have a table time? If so, what activities do you do?

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