Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News
Here are some of our current work box tasks. 

1. Before and After Numbers. 

2. Complete the sentence. You can find that here. 

3. Monster Truck Adapted Book. You can find that here on tpt. 

4. I got this great freebie from Preschool Wonders. It is Bear Sees Colors and students sort the colors. 

5. Stringing golf balls, spools, and beads on to pipe cleaners. 

6. Drawing spots on the dog. These dogs came from prekinders

7. The students clipped the different monster truck. You can find that here. 

8. Sorting teddy bears by small, medium, and big. 

9. Shape clip matching. This is a freebie you can get here. 

Link up with The Autism Classroom News to share what work boxes you are doing! 

I have a couple of students whom as soon as we get outside they just run around the playground and run into other students and/ or hurt themselves because they are running to fast. Due to this sensory overload (24 students, too many options for them to choose from) we made a visual schedule for them. Initially I put the pictures of the item choices up, but after a couple of days they would do all five tasks and then would go back and put up five new ones themselves. Even some of the other students like to go over and say I am going to do the monkey bars and go do it. It keeps all of our kids safe and gives them a task to do rather than just running. 

Listening to the pre horse races to the Kentucky Derby.

Loving our 70s and sunny weather!!! We just came in from being outside pretty much all day.

Thinking about the IEPs I have left and end of the year assessments I need to get completed...ugh!

Wanting and Needing my Madi's allergies to go away. She has been coughing, sneezing, and watering eyes the last two days. Since the weather has changed and everything is starting to bloom her allergies are also in full bloom!

Summer Yes- Enjoying my kiddos...visiting the park, bike rides, swimming, and just having fun being at home for a couple of months. 
Hope- we have been talking about getting new siding on our house, but financially I do not know how feasible it is...let's hope we can make this happen! 
Dream- a new house...something else we have been talking about but I don't think is really feasible at this point, but who knows?!


I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday.

So this week has been interesting...from pink eye to a water main break and having to have the kids use a porta was eventful to say the least!

1. Pink Eye...:( It went around our house this week. First Ethan and then Madi. Lets hope it is all cleared up for Madi's one year old pics on Sunday!

2. IEPs half done! At this time of year all I feel I am doing is assessing and IEPs...not the fun part of teaching...

3.Farm Animals...a chick

and a cow

we also made a pig, but I didn't get a picture.

4. We made chicka chicka boom boom hats. 

 5.I got a new laminator finally! My other one was starting to smell like it was going to catch fire so rather than waiting for that moment I got a new one! :)

Happy Friday and have an awesome weekend! The weather here in MI is supposed to be gorgeous so we will be spending lots of time outside. It is well over do! :) 

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