I just created a new opposite adapted book that incorporates QR codes. My kids love being able to use the iPad and this way they are able to and check their work. Students will find the opposite and then place it in the square and then can scan the QR code to see if they did it correctly. In this particular adapted book there are two options: with QR codes and without. You can find it here. 

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This year was the first year I put work boxes into my daily routine. Last year I was just starting to compile some work boxes and wasn't sure how to incorporate them into my classroom. I only do these with the pm group as my am class are still just babies (2.5 years old and 3). The pm class is 4-5 years old and they have been in my classroom for a year already. Also, I did not start these right in September. I waited until October so I had some time to see what tasks would be most beneficial for my kiddos at that time. Some of my kids have a lot of regression over the summer and some make huge leaps so it is good to see where they are all at.  
So after some trial and error at the beginning of the year I came up with this system and it worked great! We do work boxes after they come in and put their belongings away. Each child has a picture on the clip and they pick their card and match it to the box. Once they complete the work box they put the card back. I only have them complete one a day as I am trying to ease them into being independent learners. Most of my students are able to do all the tasks. I have usually 1-2 students that need some assistance, but once modeled they are usually able to do it independently. If not my aid or myself will sit and help that individual. Once each child has done every work box once I change the work box tasks. This year I was still creating different work box tasks for them to do throughout the year so some that I did at the end of the year may get moved to being done at the beginning of the year because they were too easy for them and some that were done at the beginning of the year that they found way to challenging will be moved to the end of the year. The great thing is now I have enough tasks for all year long!

Here is the shelf where I keep the 12 containers. I have some different containers because I do like to use file folder games, which fit great in the three drawer pull out or if I have a sensory one I also put those in there so the kids have room to explore. The basket is for the manipulatives for odd containers that would not fit in the shoe box size ones or the drawers. I do recommend getting the containers from Target and not the dollar store. My dollar store ones cracked. My kids can be pretty rough with them. 

I definitely recommend incorporating work boxes into your daily routine. All of my students' independence has definitely increased and they look forward to doing them daily. I have had subs comment about how quickly they got to work and they were shocked because they did all by themselves. 

If you have any great work box ideas definitely link up with Chris at The Autism Classroom News. I love making new ones because I have some of my students in the pm class for two years and I like to keep things fresh for them! 

I am linking up with The Autism Classroom News to share some of the work boxes we did this past month.

1. Dropping erasers in a bottle.

2. Putting erasers in a pill container. 

3. Using tweezers to match pom poms to the different color pill containers. 

4. Putting pom poms in containers with tweezers.

5. Magnetic or Not Magnetic?!

You can get the pictures for magnetic vs. not magnetic here. 

6. matching clock numbers.

7. sorting bears by colors.

Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

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At the end of the year it is a great time to reflect on what worked this year and well, what didn't. I made A LOT of changes this past year and most were great, but some didn't work out quite as well as I intended or need to be tweaked. I am going to add links to the things that have worked and if I have not discussed it yet, I will so it may be something that can help you! :)

What worked:
  • Daily Behavior Calendar I loved this and it was a great communication tool for parents and simple for me to do daily! The idea came from The Cupcake for the Teacher! Love this!
  • Center Transition Sticks  This helped make transitions so smooth! 
  • Table Time This worked really well for my am class. A great way to ease into the day!
  • Work Boxes...I am going to be revisiting my system because this was a work in progress throughout the year, but my kids love doing them and it was a great way to review skills! Blog post coming soon!

  • Gross Motor Time Our Donor's Choose project gave us even more equipment to meet our students sensory and gross motor needs and this time helped decrease behavior problems. 
  • Center Visuals Help guide the group and individual students through what to do. 

  • Group Play...we have worked on properly teaching the students how to play with the items and how to appropriately interact with each other while playing. 
  • Progress Monitoring Binder...keeps me accountable each month!
  • Lesson Plan Binder...keeps me organized and makes sure I do not reuse all the same activities every year...especially since some of my little ones are with me for three years!
  • Snack Conversation Starters...gets them talking and interacting. 
  • Show and Tell Note My parents sent it in for their little ones and I could better understand what some of my little ones were trying to tell me. 
Needs to be Tweaked: 
  • Homework Calendar (thinking about doing monthly parent/ child project, having students cut out a picture and bring in something for the color and letter of the week and continuing show and tell Fridays). You can read about what I was doing here. Why it wasn't working: parents weren't doing it or were lying about it.  
  • Behavior Points WhyI liked the idea of it and I didn't have kids getting upset because of getting their color changed, but I had trouble giving out the popsicle sticks regularly...so I am going to be revamping that. Any ideas are welcomed!

Need to Put in Place:

  • Finishing up alphabet bags. I have been finding random items around my house that can be used for each letter (it is amazing all the little things your collect or your kids collect!). 

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