I am linking up with Third in Hollywood to show my masterpiece. This is something I have been working on for awhile and literally just finished. It is my Nursery Rhyme Mega Pack. Every other year I do a whole week or two of Nursery Rhymes and I have been wanting to get some better activities together for them so this is what I created. 

There are also some bonus activities and pocket charts words for each as well. Until next Thursday it is $6 off. You can find it here. You can buy the nursery rhymes separately too if that is easier for you. 

Make sure to check out Third in Hollywood for other fun, new products. 

Well, I started to get some of my things for the fall ready yesterday. Crazy...I know! But I had the urge to do it and I went with it. Next year I have 18/24 kids returning so I decided to start to get some of my assessment files labeled. Before doing that though I printed out my things to do at the beginning of the year checklist. If you don't have one I recommend doing this! At the start of my second year I started making a list of the things that I do at the start of the year (all the things done before the kids walk in the door). Then, I typed it up and now I print it out yearly and have a little checklist! It makes things much easier!!!! I do the same for the end of the year. 

Back to my files. So I keep a bin with the files in it. They are split up am and pm. 

On the labels I mark whether the child is am, pm, and if the child is a 3rd year student (our kids can only stay for a max of three years). 

I keep the student's files together. This is one child so in the hanging folder is all their first and second year assessments. 

I have premade labels...which this year all I had to adjust was the am and pm and add third year. Super easy! Then, I organized (put the am class in alphabetical order and the pm class in alphabetical order). 

In these files I keep all of my students report card assessments. 

When a child moves on to K, I combine the 2-3 files into one and file them away in a file cabinet labeled by year.

How do you organize all your report card assessments?

I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics to share a couple of the song visuals that I have updated. When I first got into ECSE I was slowly making visuals for the songs, but five years later the graphics were super old (that was before I became a clip art addict!) and the font was all comic sans and for some of the stories I even drew the pictures! So here is an example of just a couple that I updated although I have done a lot more of them. 

You can find the new song visuals I made here. 

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