Today I am going to share my Newsletter Binder! I started doing this a couple of years ago and it has made things so much easier for planning the next year!
At the start of the year I just start putting beginning of the year handouts to parents and newsletters in a binder. 

I tabbed everything by month and some by topic. 

The next year I am able to look back and pull the handouts right out and make adjustments accordingly (I keep sticky notes with things I want to change or should change on the handout or newsletter). 

I also have a freebie for you. Number Pencil Puzzles. Check them out here. 

I put all of my newsletters and handouts in a "newsletter" binder in the order that I use them. When
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Here we go! Things have been super busy here! 

1. Last weekend we went to Chicago and went to the aquarium and science and industry museum. We had lots of fun and the kids did great!

2. This Monday I headed into my room...

End of Day 1 I was a little kiddos made a mess!!!!

I will have a full tour next week!

3. Here is my to do list. A few things are crossed off.

4. I made some things for my classroom. 

5. I am participating in blog hop this weekend. Make sure to check it out! There are some great giveaways!

I am linking up with Chris at The Autism Classroom News for Work Box Wed. 

Workbasket Wednesday Linkup for Structured Work Systems and Independent Work Systems

I have not made too many new work box tasks recently, but I did make this. The students will look at the child's emotion and decide why they feel that way and clip it. This will be one of the first work boxes we use this fall and will be a great assessor of what emotions the students know and understand. 

At the beginning of the year you need to establish great relationships with your co-workers, parents, and the students. How do you do this?!

I work closely with our speech pathologist, social worker, physical therapist, and occupational therapist. All of these people are in and out of my room on a regular basis. Sometimes they are working one on one with a student, sometimes they are doing small group or whole group. Make sure you establish a schedule with them to know when and what they plan on doing. Also, make sure to keep notes that you may want to share with your team. We share important information about students with them at child study weekly. Find a time to share this information regularly. 
At the beginning of the year we have an Open House where I go over all of the classroom expectations and curriculum. If a parent cannot come in I either do a phone open house or try to have them come in at another time.  
Communicate with them about their child via e-mail, phone, and/ or behavior calendar regularly. If the child has a bad day I always try to find something positive that happened that day and within the next day or two try to also send something only positive. Also, be honest with your parents about your child, but make sure to be tactful!
Find out their interests! Find out about their family members and pets. Make sure to give them positive encouragement even when they are frustrating you! I usually try to remind them of how they made a great choice when... to remind them that they can do it! Listen to their stories and have fun with them! Get to know your students and what works and what doesn't.
What tips do you have for building relationships?!

Educators share ideas, resources and teaching tips

I am linking up with Mrs. Jones Creation Station for Show and Share. 

I have been using this in my classroom for the last year, but I came up with a better storage system and have tweaked what I was previously using. 

I use to do strips during centers to show the students what needs to be done. It helps eliminate their anxiety about doing different activities and it also is great because it shows the students what is coming up (no more questions). 

All you need is a DVD case. I put pictures of different items that they need to do (say, spin, paint, etc.)

There are strips with 2-5 directions (Before I had one with four directions and some of the kids did not like seeing the red).  Before the children begin the activity I tell them exactly what they need to do. We look at each picture and say what they will be doing. When all of the group is done with the picture I make sure to emphasize "We are all done with writing our name. Now we are going to roll the dice". I remove the picture of name and the last two pictures remain. At the end it says stop and that means the kids are all done with the task. 

My kiddos love it and it shows my students what needs to be done before they can do a sensory activity or activity of their choice. It helps them work more efficiently and stops some of the questions you get about it. You can find the strips and visuals here. 

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