1. This is something I am trying this year, but I think this will really help! Trying to not bring everything home and to only be bringing a small bag to and from school. I used to bring a huge bag back and forth, but I will be honest I did very little school work. So smaller bag = less work at home. I am going to try!
2. I do not talk about work at home unless it is something positive. Matt and my kids can tell if I have had a bad day, but rather than complaining about it I just try to enjoy the time I have with my kiddos and try to remember that tomorrow is a fresh new start. The less I talk about it the less I have to relive how bad the day was. 
Those are the two biggest things I try to do to stay sane! What helps you?!

September is here! Today is my first official day back to work. I am anxious as always and realize that the mornings are going to be a little difficult at first...my kiddos didn't want to get up so early! 
Anyways, here we go...

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I blogged about this previously. You can check it out here!

I am going to be honest...I HATE cooking, but I do it because Matt doesn't get home until super late. I like meals that are easy and quick. 
Here a couple of my favorite go to meals during the school year!
Pizza Pasta
Pizza Casserole
Chicken Ranch Tacos
3. Crockpot Italian Chicken
What are some of your favorite go to meals?!

I am linking up with blog hoppin to share 5 fun facts about me.
Here we go:
1. This past summer I have become slightly obsessed with coupon apps. What I love it you can earn a little extra money or gift cards and it is easy!
The ones I love are:
receipt pal
receipt hog If you are interested you can enter this referral code:  gest7490
2. I have  slight obsession with adapted books for my kiddos! I love how you can work on so many skills and they are interactive. They are great for early finishers too!
3. I finished two Masters degrees in a matter of 3 years! I got my special ed. Learning Disabilities degree first and that took a year and a half and right after that I had to go back for my Early Childhood Masters. I even took off a semester to have my little guy Ethan. Now looking back I don't know how I did it, but I did!
4. When I got hired for my job as an ECSE teacher I didn't even really know what I was interviewing for. I was not familiar with what was, but I am very fortunate to have gotten the position because I love it!
5. I have two kids who are my world! I cannot imagine life without them! When I have had a really bad day at work they make it all better just by their smiles, hugs and unconditional love. (I can never get a picture of the two of them smiling together!) 

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