I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! 
1. Last weekend my husband and I went to Arts, Beats, and Eats and checked out some fun bands and ate some yummy food! 
2. We did some matching activities. 

3. We sorted good and sad behavior. 

4. Open Houses were a success! Everyone came and brought all of their paperwork!

5. We had Chinese food tonight! Yummmm! Here was my fortune from tonight! If only it came true!!!!

Happy Friday!

This one is short and sweet. For the first couple weeks of school I do not do work boxes so next month I will have more, but this is one I will be ending at the end of the month when we do start them. Apple Emotion Magnet Matching. All you need is a cookie sheet and some magnets. This is great for my young kiddos because it is matching and this whole month we will be talking about emotions and how to read people. Enjoy!

You can grab this freebie here. 

Workbasket Wednesday Linkup for Structured Work Systems and Independent Work Systems

Check out Christine's blog The Autism Classroom News for more work box ideas.

Today is my first day back to school! If you are starting today or have been in school I hope you are off to a great start!!! :)
Anyways, in my classroom we have one para-pro who works in the classroom with your 24/7. I end up seeing this person more than I even see my husband! Since you work so closely with them you need to have clear expectations and communication. Last year I had a number of para pros in and out of my classroom. With so many new para pros coming in and out I needed to keep re-explaining what is expected of them throughout different times of the day and explain what I was doing. To help with this transition I created a schedule of the day and what the teacher should be doing and what the para-pro should be doing. I keep this in my sub folder and keep on on the para pros desk so they can know what to do throughout the day. This also helps if you have two subs in the classroom! 
Before using this with my para pros I did have to get it approved by administration and you may too depending on your district or program. :)

You can download a copy here. 

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We Teach Sped

Have a great school year! 

I created a new resource that is kind of a free for all. Sometimes I create activities, but they don't really belong anywhere. So I created this new resource...

Mystery Bag: A Little of This and That

Right now here are some of the activities included:

Fall Leaves Emergent Reader
Sequencing 4 pictures puzzles
Counting cars puzzles
Compound Word What’s the Word and Recording Sheets
ABC Fish Mat Recording Sheet
Action Smash Mats
Christmas Sensory Bin Eraser Counting Cards 

The earlier you purchase the cheaper it will be. I will be increasing the price as more activities become included.

You can grab it here. 

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