This year my morning class is mostly nonverbal. They have a few words here and there but not a lot. Out of these kids about half of them have great receptive language and want to talk, but can't so I made these fun sentence strips to start to get them talking. 

I want to make sure the things they are talking about are important to them so I chose some topics that are important to them. 
I like to eat
I like color or I see
I like to play (sport)
I like to (general)
I like to drink

Here is how to use it:
Print all pieces on cardstock. Laminate. Cut apart cards on p. 7-14. place Velcro on p. 5-6 in squares and behind pictures.
Students will choose the item of their choice or if showing the card (will need to print a second copy of p. 10-14).  Then, students with the picture prompts will repeat the sentence. Place the cards to be chosen as the answer in the holding charts on p. 5-6

I have some similar activities and we are in the works of using PECS with the students so this is a great supplement for that! 

You can find this product here! 


I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. 
This past week we did activities related to fall and apples. 
1. This year I am using a little different placemat. This year the placemat is double sided. 
One side with visual prompts for the students to point to or model how to communicate more, all done, eat, etc. 

The other side is for my students who are verbal and no longer need the visual prompts. 

2.  We started the letter of the week with letter A. 

Here are some of our activities in action. They are from my ABC Mega Pack. You can find that here. All of the activities are also sold separately. 

A book and writing practice.  

Finding A and beginning sound A. 

3. We did some apple size sorting. You can find it here.  

I got these fun file folder shape games from Teaching Special Thinkers. 

Here is an AB apple patterning file folder. 

4. We raked up some ABC leaves. To help my students wait their turn I had them hold a wait card and once it was their turn they gave it to the child that just completed their turn. It helped A LOT! 

5. We made these apples from CDs and torn paper. You can have the kids have their finger be a worm eating through the apple. 

Have a great weekend!

I am participating in a fun fall blog hop. Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite books to read with my kiddos...Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka.

My pm class loved the book because some of the things are so silly. I made an emergent reader that has some of the items that were mixed up and the students color what is correct. This is a great activity for some of my students because they didn't completely understand why some of the things weren't possible or why they were not silly. If they don't understand it I explain why it is and we talk about what it should be and why. 

You can find the book here. 

Your next stop is A Special Kind of Class. 

We are supposed to have objectives for our students, but in the past I have just written them on the board and I do not refer to them. The students do not know them. So this year to make it more meaningful for my little ones I have started using I can statements with visuals. I currently am using tacky to keep the pictures up on the charts, but you could also use velcro. Before we start table time or circle time, etc. I say we are going to... and show them the pictures. It gives them a visual of what we are going to do but also helps me make sure I am meeting all of my objectives. 

You can grab this freebie here. 

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