First, my thoughts and prayers go out to all in Paris! 
I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Here are some activities we were up to the past couple of weeks.
1. We made coffee filter turkeys. We used pipettes to squeeze the watercolor paint onto the coffee filters. The kids loved that!

2. Here is MI the weather has changed from nice and warm to cool, windy and rainy so we have been starting to do gross motor time inside. 

Last year, the other ECSE teacher and I got a Donor's Choose Project funded and we got lots of fun gross motor equipment. We are now doing gross motor time in the music room or in our classrooms. It is a great motivator and helps reduce some of our challenging behaviors. I definitely encourage you to incorporate a small time for your young kiddos to get up and moving if you don't. It helps!
We have pulled out the trampoline, ball pit

scooters, and bowling. 

3. One of my kiddos has been struggling to keep their seat belt on the bus on so I created a social story, and happy/ sad choice chart and bus order list to help with the problem. Let's hope this keeps my little one from taking off her seat belt. 

4. We have been reviewing colors and shapes. We have read Brown Bear and sequenced the story. You can find that activity and more here. We also painted watercolor brown bear animals. 

We also played spaghetti and meatballs (draw a meatball, identify the shape and stamp it the same color as on the meatball). You can find that here

5. We retold Dog's Colorful Day with these fun story mats. You can find that here. I love that story because it works on colors and number order. Great for my little ones!

 Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

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