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Well, my conferences are done and they went extremely well, which was great! 
Here are some of the activities we were up to this week...
1.  We strung lights in ABC order. You can find that activity here.  Next week we are going to do number order. 

2. I introduced our vet dramatc play area this week. You can find that here. The kids have LOVED this! To introduce it I pulled two to three students at a time over to show them how to check the animals hearts, eyes, ears, etc. and how to record it on to the recording sheet.   

3. We began some of our Holiday themed table time activities (making pies, pattern blocks, cutting wrapping paper, and decorating the felt tree). 

4. We read some gingerbread stories and counted gingerbread cookies, decorated foam ones, and also played some positional word games. 

We also painted with bells on the paintbrushes. The kids loved this!

5. At home, our elf, Spidey is back and in action!

This year has already been a lot of fun with Spidey because even Madi enjoys tyring to find him around the house. 

Listening to the thoughts are with the people in California

Loving the Holiday Season. We have started elf on the shelf, are all decorated, and my shopping is just about done! It is a lot of fun this year because my kids are really into it all, which makes it way more fun!

Thinking about conferences tomorrow. I had them tonight and finish them up tomorrow afternoon and night. 

Needing some sleep! 

Real...we go to a tree farm and cut it down every year and then decorate it that day. Lots of fun!

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