I made it! It was a crazy week...two IEPs, a couple of screeners, a holiday party, a Santa visit and getting ready for the four new kiddos starting in January! Then, this morning my kiddos both woke up with pink eye so I had to make an early trip to urgent care before heading to work. Never a dull moment! 

Here are some of the things we did this week:

1. At the party we made trees (colored them, bingo stamped the ornaments and then put in a toilet paper roll so they could stand up). Made walking s'mores (honey graham crackers, m&m's, and marshmallows). Made holiday sensory bottles. 

2. We painted trees with watercolors. 

3. Our elf in the shelf has been busy causing mischief!

4. We did an obstacle course the OT and PT put together for us. (rolled on a mat, hopscotch, crawled through a tunnel, and went over and under the spider web). 

5. For my kids teachers I made these reindeer jars filled with kisses and got the teachers a gift card. You can grab the gift tags here

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