With the new year quickly approaching here are some things I will be doing in the classroom at the start of this year. 

2 Things I am going to try in my room: shared writing daily activities and sensory room rotations for those kiddos that are too overwhelmed and can't figure out what to do.

1 Thing I will do better is my vocabulary core board time. It have been very inconsistent with using it and want to make sure I am setting aside 10-15 min. daily to do it.

With new kiddos coming in January the sensory room time split into the start and end of the day have been great for my kiddos!

7 Tips
1. classroom management- make sure to enforce it and revisit often!
2. Have a set routine for transitions- whether it be a sound, make it visible to the kiddos
3. have a defined calm down area- my kiddos know where their safe place is and they know they can go to it at anytime.
4. Get your kiddos up and moving with songs, GoNoodle, or some yoga. It re-energizes them and gets them ready to focus!
5. with my own kiddos home have easily accessible sub plans available and easy to read and use! You never know when you may have to be out.
6 and 7. Have fidgets and flexible seating available to all students! Again it helps with focus. 

Find more tips from PreK Partner

 The holidays are a crazy time for teachers and students alike. With Santa approaching and lots of special activities in December planned at school and home the kiddos seem to be bouncing off the walls and ready for a break. Then, you have to plan for your holiday party, which also adds to the chaos!
Here are some tips to make it a little easier!

When we have parties I keep my schedule the same as much as possible. We usually sing a few songs until most parents arrive and then we start centers. I still run three centers and the parents rotate around with the students. This is also a great opportunity for parents to see what the kiddos do everyday. It also keeps the students calmer because they know what is next.

I keep just three centers just like we normally have. We have a snack activity, a fine motor craft, and a play center (this may be play-doh or cars and trucks). 

Here are some of our past party activities:

We made walking S'mores and holiday sensory bottles. 

We made reindeer hats and reindeer snack mix. 

If you allow parents to send in treats for the class ask them to send it in right away. That way you can put one or have the children put one in each of the students mailboxes and then they can go straight into the backpacks. It helps eliminate some of the chaos when all the adults are in the classroom.

Good luck with your parties and have fun!

Although, Doodle Bugs Teaching is on Christmas Vacation I thought I would share five random things about this week.
1. On Monday we had a snow day! We got outside and built a snowman and went sledding. It was a fun, relaxing day!

2. Santa visited us on Tuesday and read a story to us. 
 3. We practiced I like and I do not like with the vocabulary board with

4. I am trying to get prepped for when we return in January. When we come back in January we are going to be starting our Dramatic Play Post Office! 

5. The kids have been loving I Spy Color Adapted Books. Check them out here. 

Also, make sure to check out tpt for #8daysofchristmas Dollar Deals.

We are on day #6
Here is what is $1 in my store today. Great for working on shapes with your little ones!

In this first one get an empty candy cane and have students use tongs to place the pom poms into the candy cane.
These pattern block pictures are from PreKinders
These Magnet Cookie Sheet activities you can find here.
Get pipe cleaners and beads and have students string them on. Great fine motor practice!
The stringing lights you can find here.
For this one you need boxes and small items or you can use the pictures. You can find this freebie here.
Sorting presents by size or you can sort them by color. I got the presents from the Dollar Tree.
The bows also came from the Dollar Tree.
Do you have any favorite Holiday themed work boxes?! 

Check out Rudolph, Rudolph color poem for whole or small group and an emergent reader! 

Find more freebies over at the Bender Bunch and have a Happy Sunday!

Sorry I have been MIA for so long. I must admit I am just really burnt out. Between hosting Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving, having multiple IEPs due, and trying to prep for Christmas, something had to give and so blogging kind of got put on the back burner. However, I am back and have a few posts all lined up and once the holidays are done I promise to get on a better schedule! 
Only 9 more school days! 
If you want to keep up with what we have been doing in the classroom I have started an instagram account and have been regularly posting on there. @funinecse
Anyways, here are some of the many activities we have been up to!
1. We have been loving the sensory room! It has been so nice to stay active now that MI is cold and snowy!

2. We have been having fun using magnifying glasses and matching the pictures. 

3. I have finally gotten the itch to get creating again and made these fun beginning sound sorts

You may also be interested in these Preschool Handouts. I will be adding some more too!
Preschool Parent Handouts: Ideas for Parents to do at Home
I also made these fun Christmas Counting Mats (there are two ways!). We will be using them this week. 
Christmas Counting Mats 1-10 (2 kinds!)
Also, my kiddos love this poem:
When Santa comes down the chimney,
I'd really like to peek, 
But he will never come, No never, 
Until I am fast asleep. 

4. The first week of December we learned all about gingerbread cookies. Here we are counting them out.

We also made these salad spinner gingerbread men. 
5. At home we have been busy wrapping, 

made these cute snowmen for our godparents,

Spidey our elf returned and has been getting into LOTS of mischief,

And last, but not least we bought our tree and it is all up and decorated! 

Today a whole group of us are throwing dollar deals on some of our most popular products! We are all thankful for your support and wanted to say THANK YOU!  Head over to tpt to check out the products!

My Dinosaur Packet is only $1 There are lots of literacy and math center materials.

#SPEDGivesThanks Dinosaurs: Pre-K and Kindergarten Activities

My Christmas Activities are also only $1. These are all interactive activities great for centers!

#SPEDGivesThanks Christmas Activities Pre-K and Kindergarten

Have a fabulous Sunday!

We have been busy learning all about Thanksgiving and being thankful! Here are some of the activities we have done!
1. We made coffee filter turkeys!

We also made paint chip turkeys. 

2. We have been matching turkey shapes (from Creating and Teaching).
We sorted turkeys by size.

We also matched color turkeys.

You can find these activities here
3. We have been taking care of animals in our vet office. You can check out more about our vet dramatic play here.

4. We made Indian corn with bubble wrap around rolling pins. 

5. We have been learning all about Thanksgiving food. We can eat...

This weekend we are hosting Friendsgiving so I am off to start prepping the turkey and watch some football! Have a great weekend!

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