Classroom Rules Comprehension Stories

This is a great way to review the classroom rules for your little ones. I created short stories saying what the children are doing (positive choices) and the students answer the questions either by clipping the answer, pointing or stamping the answer. This is a great way to discuss what the classroom rules look like and also a great way to make sure your kiddos really understand what the rule is. 

I read the story to the students, showed them the questions (I bound the story and questions on a ring) and then had the students point to the correct answer. If the student was not able to answer the questions then I  reread the story and had them answer the questions using a bingo stamper.
It was a great way to review the rules with the students while also working on comprehension!

You can find these comprehension stories here and for the next 24 hours it will be 1/2 off. :)

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