January Work Box Tasks

Here are the work box tasks we are currently doing. 

We are doing pattern block patterns. 

There are sorting beads, animals, straws into containers, and buttons. 

Hot Dots...my kids love this! 

Adapted Book about what to wear in the winter. You can find this here from Breezy Special Ed. 

I love these playdough dig mats from Shuna. I use them with magnets, felt letters (below), letter stones. 

We have been lacing numbers. You can find the lacing numbers here. 

We did our opposite adapted book. You can find that here. 

Matching animal patterns. 

These number puzzles are from my Christmas Activities Pack found here

Workbasket Wednesday Linkup for Structured Work Systems and Independent Work Systems


  1. I like the matching animal patterns. I have a huge box of those animals I'm not using. Where did you find the pattern templates?

    1. I just had them from the previous teacher. :)


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