Becoming a Big Brother or Sister

Becoming a big brother or sister can be a very exciting time, but can also be very stressful! Our little ones don't understand why this new baby is suddenly getting all the attention and they are getting none. The child's routine is totally changed because now it is on the baby's terms. To cope with these changes some of our students may have outbursts and start to get upset over things that normally never bothered them. I remember my son getting very upset with me when I was nursing my daughter and he yelled at me, "I'm mad and I'm going to pee on the floor!" and he did just that. I didn't even know what to do. I just tried to stay calm and told him to help me clean up the mess in between his tears and mine. 
At school this year I have had three students that have also gained a sibling. How do you cope with these things at home and in school?!
1. Read them a social story. You can find one here. 
2. Daniel Tiger talks about how he helps his little sister. My kids love watching these. 

3. Give them a special job. Helping get the diapers or reading a book to the baby while you are feeding the baby or changing him or her. 

4. Try to give them some special one on one time. I know it is exhausting, but they just want to feel loved and not forgotten about. 

5. Ask others for help. My dad would take my son to open gym so he had some special time with Papa. 

6. The ideas above can be done at school for the that child too. For some of the kids school is their safe place because they know the routine and you. You can talk to them about how Special they are to be a big brother or sister, give them a special job, have them share what their favorite thing is about being an older sibling now, give them some one on one time with you. 

Have fun, stay calm, and try to remember how they feel! It is a fun, big change for everyone! 

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