February Currently

Listening to TMZ.

Loving the warm weather we have been having. It was 50 and sunny today. The kids were happy to get outside! 

Thinking about all I have to do at work...lots of IEPs, report cards, progress reports, and the list goes on.

Needing a vacation. I am mentally in a slump right now and I need to get out of it. 

Swooning over my newly painted bedroom and the molding that is finally up after a year and a half!

It is a light blue color and the white molding up finally makes the room complete. I love it! It used to be a dark tealy color and made the room feel small. Now it feels a lot bigger!


  1. Love the bedroom! That is on my to-do list as well! I feel you 100% with everything that is going on in the teaching realm right now! It is never ending, isn't it? I am hoping for a snow day next week even though we are suppose to be doing part 1 of our state testing next week! I think it would do us all some good!


  2. Oh I wish I could paint our master bedroom. We are renting and probably could... but my daughter's room comes first. Hers is a dark navy blue. Definitely not girly. Your room looks great. I love light blue...I used to have an office painted a similar color. So cheery. I feel you on the sun. We finally have some and my kids just want to be outdoors. We are ready for Spring and Summer here in the PNW. Happy February!
    Joya :)

  3. I LOVE your new paint color! I have been watching HGTV and I want to redo all of the things! :)

    Happy February!

    School and the City

  4. I just wish we had more hours in the day or at least some more SNOW DAYS!! There is SO much to do!


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