Five for Friday~ Dinosaurs

This week we learned about dinosaurs (the kids LOVE it!). Here are some of the activities we did! 
1. We dug for dinosaur letters. For my morning class since many of them are nonverbal I had them match the letters and attempt to say them. 

2. We made dinosaur tracks. For some of the kiddos to make it a little less messy we used stamp pads to put the dinosaurs in. 

3. We discriminated between the dinosaur and egg...the same color or different?!

4. On Tuesday, we didn't have school because of the primaries so we went to IKEA and enjoyed some fun time at the park! It was a beautiful 70 degrees (and last week on this day I was hoping for a snow day...only in MI!)

4. I have been crafting! I love to craft and it is a great stress reliever! 
I found this cute idea on Childhood 101. I thought my kiddos would like this and it was easy to make!

I am longing for spring! My inspiration for this wreath came from Autumn Wren Designs. 

5. This Sunday is #SpedDollarDeals! Make sure to check it out!

Have a great weekend! :)


  1. I wish I had gone to IKEA on primary day. Sounds like fun. I am thinking I want an IKEA rug for my pretend play area. Not sure what they have right now but one of my coworkers has an awesome one with a pretend stream on it. Very soothing colors.


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