Work Box Activities

I have a few new work box activities for my kiddos this fall. In my afternoon class I have a large range of skills among my students so I wanted to make sure to have a little bit of everything for all of them to be challenged. 

Missing Numbers. Students will place the missing number dots in the spaces. There are also pattern dots that I need to laminate. 

Subtracting dots. Students can also use dry erase markers to cross out some of the dots if they need additional help. 

Addition Dots. 

Counting out dots 1-10.

Color Clip Cards. Clipping the items that have the same color. 

Clipping the color of the item. 

Students clip what size the dots are.

Students will clip the dot with the same face as on the picture. 

You can find the Dotty Work Box tasks here.
You can find the Color Clip Activities here

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