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When I first started in ECSE my fine motor center was mostly arts and crafts. As my students needs have changed so has the 'art center'. Now it is more of a fine motor center. It is more about pre-writing skills, pre-cutting skills, increasing their core strength, and all about fine motor practice. 
This center is a daily center. While at the center the students is led by my aid. The center consists of 3-4 students. 
The importance of this center is to prepare students for writing and cutting.  
It teaches students how to follow directions. I do this through visuals that show what to do step by step. You can find these visuals here
You can read more about how I store and use these pictures here
This center also teaches students how to ask for help or clarification.
Teaches students to be creative. 
Exposes students to a variety of art materials. 
It exposes students to shapes, colors, awareness of lines, and dimensions. 
Increases spatial awareness (where things need to be placed and the size of items). 
This center also increases students social skills by talking with their peers about what they are making. Answering questions that are posed and asking questions about others work.

Materials Needed:
kwik stix (love these because they are mess free!)
variety of paint
salad spinner- (my kids love spin art projects)
a variety of tongs
pipsqueak markers (forces students not to grasp the marker incorrectly)
large crayons broken into pieces (again forces students to grasp correctly)
lacing cards
Feed the Animals from Lakeshore
a variety of scissors
Aluminum foil
variety size of paper and construction paper
contact paper
easel (helps increase the core so students hold the writing utensil correctly)
chalkboards (also in a vertical position)
bingo daubers
There is probably a ton of other items we use that I totally forgot about! Is there anything you cannot live without in your art center area?
The teacher's role is to help students grasp the items correctly and to guide them, but to let the student's create without making it identical to the model or the exact same. Encourage creativity and how to make an idea come to life.
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  1. Love your step-by-step visuals! Needed in all early childhood classrooms!


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