Fun with ABC's

Last year I created a variety of ABC activities to help my little ones learn to identify the letters, letter sounds, discriminate letters, beginning sounds, and write the letter. 
The great thing about the amount of activities is you can reach your students that are just learning to identify letters to students that are ready for beginning sounds. Also, if you have students for more than one year (I have some of my kiddos for up to three or four years) you have enough different activities that the kiddos won't have to repeat any. 
There are Alphabet Language Cards great for increasing vocabulary and talking about beginning sounds. 
There are ABC foldable books. Students trace the lower case letter and at the back of the book practice tracing and writing the letter. 

There are ABC Adapted Books great for reinforcing words that begin with a particular letter. 
There are cut and sort beginning sound word sorts.
There is upper and lower case discrimination stamping.  
Beginning Sound Spin and Color
Write, Color and Stamp Letters

You can find the ABC Mega Pack here. It is half off for the next 24 hours!

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