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So last week I attended an AAC conference on how to implement vocabulary core boards in your classroom (and we will be meeting again throughout the year!). Last year I started introducing it to my kiddos at the very end do the year and we saw a huge improvement in the kiddos and that was in just a short amount of time. So this year I am super excited to start the year with these vocab core boards. So every Tuesday I am going to start talking about what I have learned about using the boards, activities that we have done, and challenges we have faced. 

So how do you start with vocab core boards?

1. Find the board that you wan to use. At the conference we were given 4 different boards. 32 words, 57 words, 85 word and 194 words.
For whole group activities we are using the 57 word board. 
We will differentiate the boards based on the students ability to use the board. 

2. Decide how you are going to make it accessible in the classroom. 
I have decided to get one large board. Then, we are going to make a class set of the 57 word board and differentiate the boards based on need (I will talk more about how we do this as I go).

I will be updating the board to the one we got at the conference. (see above)

3. Decide when during the day you are going to have your vocab board time. This time should be 5-no longer than 20 minutes.
We have decided to do it during circle time #2. 

So we are starting with circle time to introduce the words and then we are going to gradually use the boards throughout the day. (we are going to do circle time, then snack, then centers, then sensory, then play). How fast will we increase?! We are not sure yet. We will see how comfortable we are with using the boards and how the kids seem to be responding to using the board. 

4. Initially for the first week we are going to MODEL! This is the key. Model, model, model. When teaching the students to use the board you do not want to prompt the kiddos because then they will become dependent on you doing it for them. Model it throughout as much of the day as possible for them. 
5. Last, but not least to get started...what words are you going to introduce? On the 32 word board the first 4 words most commonly used are: I, like, not, want. These words we are going to do specific activities with that will be geared towards these words. (The activities we will use are going to be introduced next week). To see the order of the words and how they should be introduced you can find that here. We were told one set may take one to four weeks so initially we are planning on introducing four words over a two week period. Again, this may be faster or slower depending on how the kiddos learn them.
If you are using core vocabulary words and have any tips or tricks to get started please let me know! I am learning as I go.
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