Dollar Store Finds

Here are some of my favorite items from the Dollar Store and the different uses you can do. 
I love the big colorful tubs! They are great for storing student's favorite items. 

I love their baskets. These are great for putting in scissors or materials that student's may be using. 

I love these storage tubs for the same reason. Great to put manipulatives in or items that are going to be needed for a craft. 

They also have these leaves which I put the letters on and students rake up a letter. (rake also found there). 

I found these fun eyeball balls and pumpkin ice cube trays. You can put letters or numbers on them for ABC order, one to one correspondence, number order, and/ or counting out up to 10. 

I found these cards that say same or different. I marked what activity I wanted my kiddos to do by showing same (two blue ovals) or different (at the bottom one diamond, one oval) and students will clip which ever is designated on the card. 

What are some of your favorite dollar store finds?!

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