Let's Get Talking- Activities

How to Organize All the Activities?!
I got a binder, placed the lesson plans in it and then will get pockets to place the materials behind the lesson plans. You can grab the cover here. 

What Do the Lesson Plans Look Like?

The activities should be 5-15 minutes. So the beginning of the week is very basic. The book listed, the song and on Thursday we review it. Wednesday and Friday we made activity days because we have an extra set of hands in our classroom that day. 

You can find my lesson plans here. 

If you are interested in these activities I have created them here. 

Core Word Activities for:
 I, like, not, want

What Do It Do? Book Directions: Print book on cardstock and laminate. Bind together. Read to students and have students use their core board to point to I as you read. While reading you can point to the core board too.

•Do You Like It? Cards- print on cardstock and laminate. Cut apart. Have students point to I like or I don’t(not) like

• That’s Not My Book Directions: print book on cardstock and laminate. Have students point to not on their board as you read the book. While reading you point to the core board too.

Books: Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, Going on a Bear Hunt, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Songs: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Wants to Ride a Trolley, You Can't Always Get What You Want, I Like to Be with My Family

There are a variety of these food songs you can try with your kiddos!

I will let you know how this goes with my kiddos next week! 

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