Story Boards

Last year I started using story boards with my kiddos and I LOVE them! I use them with many of the stories we read throughout the year. About 50% of my students are nonverbal or have very little language, but their comprehension is great! So how do I know if the kiddos really do understand what I am asking about?! I use story boards. 
Pictures that show what is happening throughout the story. 
As you read the story to your students, your students can point to the pictures as that event or person or thing is introduced. Then, during or at the end of the story you can ask questions and students will point to the answer. This can also help students retell the story by pointing to the events in the order that they occur. It is a great way to assess your student's comprehension of the book in a short and quick way. I place the story boards in the pockets below to be reused yearly. There are color and black and white story boards. You can also send the black and white copy home for parents to use with their child. 

1. Keeps students attention.
2. Quick and easy way to assess students' comprehension.
3. Great for students that are nonverbal or have limited comprehension.
4. increases student's vocabulary. 

You can grab this story board freebie for Pumpkin, Pumpkin here.

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