Work Box Wednesday

The first week of school I don't usually start work boxes. I wait a week or two to see what the kiddos can do independently and to see the dynamic of the class. Since my pm class is all returning kiddos I have some ideas as to what they can do. So I put these together, but they may still be changed. 

You can grab this freebie here

The Bubblegum Activities can be found here. 

You can find these free patterns at The Connection We Share. 

Make sure to check out Target right now for lots of erasers for $1. Great for sorting by color! 

Workbasket Wednesday Linkup for Structured Work Systems and Independent Work Systems
Check out the Autism Classroom News for more ideas!


  1. These are great! thank you for the freebie. Have a wonderful week, Paula

  2. Where can we find/buy the template for the bubble gum counting? I love this!

    1. It is part of my Gumball Activities.


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