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In my classroom we write with some structure once to twice a week and throughout the week without direct instruction.
My students have writing folders. In their writing folders sometimes I model what I want them to draw and then they attempt something similar. Other times I provide the students with a topic and they draw something related to that topic. Sometimes the students also get the opportunity to draw whatever they like. At table time writing materials are available for the students to also write if they choose. During dramatic play I try include writing opportunities as well (during the post office center writing letters and placing them in envelopes and mailing a letter, writing out prescriptions and taking notes about the child while at the 'doctor office'). 

Teaches students how to express and communicate their thoughts and ideas on paper. Allows them to be creative and use their imagination. Allows students a way to retell a story or event through pictures and writing. Also, writing increases their language and fine motor skills. 

crayons (broken)
pip squeak markers
variety of paper
colored pencils
dry erase boards 
dry erase markers

The teacher's role is to get the students verbally expressing and explaining what they are drawing. It is also about at times modeling how to draw things and to form their ideas on paper, while also giving them the freedom to create what they want. 

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