Center Rotation

Here we go again, center rotation try 4. 
Here are some of ways I have rotated centers in the past.
Well, I have tried quite a few different ways to ease the transition of centers for my little ones and some work for certain students but not for all. So this year I decided to try this. 
You can grab the freebie here of the center rotation pictures.
Students will start at a certain color/ center and their picture will be at the front of the strip. Students will take the strip and move it to the poster for that center. 

They will continue to take their strip to the next center. 

I have also placed a clip on what center they are on to help my aid and I keep the kids on track. This new system has been working great because each child has their designated card and are responsible for it. In the past the group has had a movable rotation schedule but usually only one child really benefited from it. 

Also, by having their picture velcroed to the strip it is easy to change students in a group quickly and easy. The kids have caught on very easily and quickly and it seems to work the best of all the center rotations I have tried!
Do you have any great strategies for rotating your kiddos through that you have found to be very effective?!

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