Dramatic Play Center

My kiddos LOVE the dramatic play center! I try to change it out monthly so the kiddos don't get bored, but have time to learn how to use everything. I always gradually introduce new materials to the dramatic play theme that month so that they learn how to appropriately use it. 

 The dramatic play area in my classroom has a variety of materials depending on the theme. There are usually some dress up items, food, writing materials, and materials to get the kiddos talking.
Right now we are doing a bakery theme again. 
Next month we will be playing vet. 
In February I usually introduce the post office dramatic play. 
You can find out more information about these dramatic play themes and more themes here.

The importance in early childhood is children increase their social skills (sharing, interacting with peers, conversing with peers). Students increase their writing skills (writing letters, writing notes), math skills (counting out money, counting out items, sorting food items), literacy skills (reading signs, filling out doctor notes, writing letters) and language skills (conversing with peers, expressing their wants and needs). Students learn how to develop sequencing skills (how to make a pizza). Students also learn how to live in the real world (prepare food, go grocery shopping, going to the vet, etc.). 

Materials Needed:
Play Food
Play dishware
Open/ Closed Signs
Dress Up Clothes
A Table
High Chair
Items to a Specific Theme

The teacher's role is to encourage students to interact appropriately and to communicate with their peers. Also, to encourage kiddos to imagine and take on the role of another person. 
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