Five for Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share our week. 
We had a VERY busy week!
1. On Wednesday we had our Halloween party. The kiddos had a blast. I try to keep to the routine as much as possible so we still did centers. We played with play-doh and used Halloween cookie cutters and we decorated foam bats with glitter, foam pieces, and rhinestones. We had a snack of marshmallows and pretzels that the kids put in witch's hands. 

2. We made these fun bubble wrap bats. The kids used bubble wrapped rollers to roll out the shadow of the bats. 

3. We did some shaving cream writing. 

4. We learned about fire safety. We got to sit on the fire truck and see the equipment the firemen wear and use. 

5. Next week is also going to be crazy! Halloween, a dentist appt and two days of conferences.
Last, but not least...Go Blue!

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