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This center is done during table time mostly or is combined with our fine motor or at my language. academic center. Three to four students are in a group. During table time it is free explore time. During a center students are directed to answer questions or shown how to use or do the activities. 

Encourages students to problem solve.
Encourages children to answer and ask questions.
Encourages to explore and investigate different materials and things. 
It allows students to explore, wonder, and discover through play. 

Something else that is a new addition to my science/ exploration center is a marble run. Students love to create a ramp and watch the ball go. 

Sensory Bottles

Teacher's Role
To provide the materials to get students exploring. If an opportunity arises while outside or at a center or during the day to go with it and teach the students what they are interested in. Show students how to use the materials appropriately. Ask students questions about what they are doing and encourage students to also ask and answer questions. Allow students to explore and have fun!

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  1. Asking and answering question is extremely important in exploration!


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